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How can I create a humorous or joke WhatsApp chat?

To get started, select the "CREATE JOKE CHAT" button. Please read and understand our terms of use before utilizing our services. Once you click on the button, a single PLUS icon will appear on the screen. Clicking this icon will create a message from yourself or a fictitious opponent. Instead of a text message, you also have the option to upload a picture. By sequentially entering messages, you can create a pretend dialogue.

How can I modify a message in a joke WhatsApp chat? 

Did you know that if you accidentally make a mistake while typing a message, you can quickly correct it? All you need to do is click on the specific message, and you can edit it immediately! This is a quick and straightforward way to ensure your messages are accurate and error-free.

How can I delete a message in a WhatsApp chat?

To delete a message, locate the cross-shaped button next to the message and click on it. This will allow you to remove the message from the conversation.

How can I switch between Android or iOS skin for a joke WhatsApp chat?

At the top of the chat, you'll find a checkbox slider. You can use this to select the skin of a particular mobile operating system, either Android or iOS.

Can I opt for dark skin for a joke WhatsApp chat?

It is worth noting that the skins of the fictitious WhatsApp chat are synchronized with the light scheme of the website. If you switch the site to dark mode, the chat interface will automatically switch to dark mode, providing a seamless experience.

What other elements can I modify in the skin besides messages?

When designing a mobile app, you can customize the standard elements for Android or iOS platforms in the header section. These elements include the current time, mobile signal strength, Wi-Fi signal strength, and battery level. By altering these elements, you can enhance the appearance and functionality of your app, providing a better user experience for your audience.

How can I assign a name to my opponent's avatar?

If you wish to change your opponent's avatar image, click on their current avatar and download a new image. Additionally, you have the option to edit their name and status as well.