Creating a Fake Conversation That Looks Real Viber App.

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How to Create Fake Viber Conversations?

Viber is a popular app, ranking among the top downloaded messaging platforms globally. Want to create a humorous screenshot that mimics a Viber chat? You’ve come to the right place. Here, you can achieve this in just a few clicks. Read our site’s usage guidelines and click the "Create Joke Chat" button.

Adding Fake Viber Messages

The editor simulates a Viber app screen featuring a conversation between two users. You can create messages from the first person (chat owner) and the second person (virtual opponent). Click the active plus button and choose from the following options:

  • Add a message from the opponent;
  • Add an image from the opponent;
  • Add a date as a message separator;
  • Add an image from the chat owner;
  • Add a message from the chat owner.

Managing Messages

You can delete any new message by clicking the cross button next to it. If you find an error in a message, click on the text, and you can correct it in the pop-up editing form.

A Viber message consists of the following elements:

  • Date of sending;
  • Reaction to the message (e.g., heart icon);
  • Message status icon.

All these elements are interactive. Click on them to edit and modify. Try creating a message and change the date, status, and reaction (highlight the heart icon in blue). As you can see, it’s as simple as coloring a picture in elementary school.

Managing the Viber Emulator Interface

The Viber app emulator can be customized based on the operating system and theme. You can change these settings using the selectors:

  • OS selector (Apple and Android icons);
  • Theme selector (Moon and Sun icons).
Fake Viber iOS
Fake Viber iOS Skin. Light & Dark Mode
Fake Viber Android
Fake Viber Android Skin. Light & Dark Mode

We’ve created replicas of the Viber interface for both iOS and Android, making it hard to distinguish from the real app. Your jokes will appear as if they were part of an actual conversation.

We’ve added active interface elements that can be adjusted for the perfect image to enhance realism. These include:

  • Phone time;
  • Wi-Fi status;
  • GSM signal status;
  • Smartphone battery level;
  • Opponent’s avatar;
  • Opponent’s name.

All these elements correspond to the chosen operating system, adding authenticity to your virtual dialogue.

Finalizing Your Fake Viber Chat

The result of your work will be a PNG image, which you can download to your mobile device or computer. Share your joke with friends by sending it through a messenger or posting it on social media for everyone to see. We also track all good jokes; if we like yours, we’ll feature it in our gallery of top-chat jokes.

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