Facebook Messenger Joke Maker

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Want to create a humorous Facebook Messenger chat? 

Kickstart your creative process by hitting the "CREATE JOKE CHAT" button. Ensure you've read and agree to our terms of use before moving forward. When you click the button, a single PLUS icon pops up on your screen, allowing you to compose a message from yourself or a fictional counterpart. You're not just limited to text - you can also add an image to the conversation. Build up your funny dialogue by adding messages in sequence.

Wondering how to delete a message from your funny Facebook Messenger chat?

Locate the cross-shaped button next to the message and click it. This action will promptly remove the message from the conversation.

Need to correct a typo in a meme Facebook Messenger chat? 

Fixing your text is quick and easy - click on the specific message and edit it instantly. This method ensures your messages are accurate and free from errors.

Want to switch between Android and iOS skin for your joke Facebook Messenger chat?

A checkbox slider is conveniently located at the top of the chat. Use it to select the mobile operating system skin of your choice, whether Android or iOS.

Can I choose a dark mode for my funny Facebook Messenger chat?

The skins of our joke chats align with the website's light theme. But if you toggle the site to dark mode, the chat interface will automatically adjust to match, giving you a consistent user experience.

How do you change the time of a joke message?

To modify the timestamp of a funny message, you need to click on the time text and make the desired changes.

Want to change more than just messages in your chat skin?

When crafting a meme for a mobile Facebook Messenger chat, you can modify standard elements for Android or iOS platforms in the header section, such as the current time, mobile signal strength, Wi-Fi signal strength, and battery level. Tweaking these elements can enhance your chat's aesthetics and functionality, offering viewers a top-notch user experience.

How can I change my opponent's avatar name?

If you want to modify your opponent's avatar image, click on the existing one and upload a new one. You also can edit their name and status.